Chet Holmes: Recruitment Is Not an Art, It’s a Precise Science
Chet_Holmes.jpgChet Holmes is not just the number 1 marketer of USA, but also the creator of the most precise recruitment process for sales persons. Many people say he’s got an uncanny feel for the right person; or that his rough interviewing style brings out the “beast” in any top sales person, who then gives the measure of their talent.

But, here’s an eye opener: ****Chet Holmes**** only gets to interview people after they’ve been through a very detailed personality test. And this is the secret behind Chet’s success: pure science, a precise system which identifies the superstar sales people from the mass of mediocrity. The term personality test itself may lead people into believing that any given test downloaded from the internet is good enough. This is the error so many companies and recruiting agencies have lived in for decades.

Regular personality tests, explains ****Chet Holmes****, put people into the position of choosing between two assertions and pointing which of them is true for them. 90% times, the candidate cannot find themselves in any of the two assertions, so they’ll randomly choose one and move on to the next set of equally ill-fitting assertions. The final score of the test may be as far from the truth about the candidate’s personality as the Earth is from the Moon.

We may safely assume that all the companies using traditional personality tests have hired wrong people in a significant percentage and this is the true reason of their bad performance and unrealized sales. Chet Holmes, who started out as a sales person himself, knows exactly what the psychological structure of a winner is. And he has developed a scientifically engineered test personality aimed at showing whether the candidate has what it takes to be a super star sales person or not.

This personality test cannot be found on the internet, or with any of the usual recruitment agencies you’re working with. Only Business Breakthrough International has it, and it is their secret weapon for hunting only the best of the best: high achievers, top sales persons. The people recommended by ****Chet Holmes**** are the purest breed of sales superstars. If they successfully pass all the tests and interviews, they will close any sale, under any conditions. And this is what your company needs. The competition being harsher than ever, you need to know that your company does not lose any single sale. Chet Holmes’s recruiting science can make it happen for your business, as he made it happen for so many others, including Fortune 500 companies.